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iGive.com is an amazing site that allows your spending power to contribute to The Alex Foundation. An enormous number of companies work hand-in-hand with iGive.com, returning a portion of your sales to your chosen charity. Simply click the button below to reach iGive. On their site, register The Alex Foundation as your chosen cause.  Then start shopping!  You can either choose among the vast array of famous brands in their website mall, or use the iGive shopping window.  The iGive shopping window is really handy, because no matter where you are on the Internet, an iGive window notifies you of a company’s participation in the iGive program.  Even eBay participates in iGive!  And the best part is that you’ll be contributing money to Alex and the crew without it costing you a cent! In addition to tracking your donation amounts, iGive also provides personal end-of-the-year tax information for donations that are made through your purchases.

To contribute through Amazon.com, just click on the button above and choose among thousands of items from their huge inventory. If you always start your Amazon.com shopping at this button on The Alex Foundation website, a percentage of your final amount will be donated to Athena and Griffin!

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MissionFish makes it safe and easy for nonprofits to benefit from trading on eBay. Register for free and give new prospects and active supporters alike a fun way to support your mission. Whether you need an easy way to convert in-kind donations into cash or a new way to invigorate your fundraising efforts, eBay Giving Works lets you turn millions of registered users into potential donors to your organization. Click the button above and do a search for The Alex Foundation and register.

Grey Parrot Studios presents Life with Alex: A Memoir.  This 55 minute video is a compelling tribute to the famous African Grey Parrot known as Alex. This DVD contains never-before-released footage of Alex using meaningful human speech to convey his daily thoughts and feelings. We learn about Alex’s daily life, relationships, and accomplishments, all of which changed forever what we know about how animals think.  Also included with this DVD are “Special Features” of Alex, Dr. Pepperberg and the students who worked with Alex.  A portion of the proceeds of this film will be donated to The Alex Foundation.


platparrot-300x145Lisa Bono and The Platinum Parrot proudly support The Alex Foundation, and help us hold our annual fundraiser. Thank you for your continued support.

Lisa Bono and The Platinum Parrot proudly support The Alex Foundation, and help us hold our annual fundraiser. Thank you for your continued support.


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Boomzookee Bird Toys will provide your feathered friends with fun, exciting toys and safety as the top priority.

All toys are designed with the hope that your birds will have as much fun destroying them as I did making them!


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EDUCAN provides training for dogs and other species on the basis of protocols structured along animals cognitive and emotional skills. It also has a school for professional animal trainers.


We had the honor of meeting Alex. To celebrate his life and the work of Dr. Pepperberg, Parrot Toys USA will donate 10% of all purchases from our African Grey categories (Congo & Timneh) to the Alex Foundation. Please use the coupon code ALEX at check-out at:

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Griffin and Athena eat Harrison Bird Diet every day.

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Look for the new “Symbols of Alex” Toy offered in two sizes. To see more of their products, please visit:


Fine oil paintings donated by Claudia Moss Galleries

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Natures Corner Magazine

Nature’s Corner
For those who are passionate about their Animals & Nature


Established in 1985, as a leader in avian research, The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute mission is to promote the advancement and improvement of Companion Bird Care and Aviculture through education and research in areas of psittacine health, nutrition, breeding, and early parrot education, and product development. In addition HARI supports global efforts in wild parrot conservation.

Avian Naturals
Griffin and Athena enjoy eating a warm meal of “Just Say No” Nut and Veggie mix, kindly donated by Avian Naturals



Griffin and Athena love Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries and Nutri-Meals!

The Golden Cockatoo is an exotic bird boutique in Florida. You can find them online at www.goldencockatoo.com

Grey Play round table

African Grey Parrot information From Maggie Wright

Many thanks to Kierstin Payne from ViewSource Inc.

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