On Wednesday, July 15th, Amazon is celebrating Prime Day, a huge event for Amazon Prime members with more deals than Black Friday. Want to shop deals and help support The Alex Foundation?

Amazon Smile gives back .5% of your purchases to a charity of your choice. Amazon also partners with iGive, which gives back .8%.

Here’s the great news: if you shop at Amazon Smile through iGive, you can double dip – and more than double your donation to The Alex Foundation!

Here’s how to help:

1) If you don’t have an iGive account yet, go here to set one up: http://www.igive.com/bi2Po5c (use this link and try the iGive button to give an extra $5 free!)

2) Go to Amazon Smile and set The Alex Foundation as your charity: http://smile.amazon.com/

3) Every time you shop at Amazon, start at http://igive.com/amazon to shop through Amazon Smile and iGive at the same time. The donations will stack, so 1.3% of your purchase will go toward The Alex Foundation!

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