In the last blog post, we let you all know about our latest donation of beautiful artwork to the lab—a pencil drawing of Alex by wildlife artist Kristyn Janelle.

We decided to raffle this wonderful work to you, our supporters, and as always your response was incredible. We raised over $300 to help care for our birds and the lab, and for Arthur especially, who was sick recently and seems very happy to be back in good shape.

A few days ago, we had Wart pick out the winning raffle ticket himself! And the winner of our raffle, and of Kristyn Janelle’s pencil portrait of Alex, is Andrea Brugger!

Congratulations to Andrea, and thank you to all who participated.

And now for something incredibly silly: We have new mugs, now available in the gift shop! The mugs have photos of all three of our birds, our African greys past and present: Alex, Griffin below him, and Wart below Griffin.

Drinking from a cup is an opportunity to be mindful: the rituals of morning coffee or tea allow us to refocus our minds on the things that are important to us. I look forward to opening my cupboard on the faces of these three animals that have helped us to understand so much about avian intelligence. We know our work and these birds have touched many of your lives. We hope that you, too, look forward to reflective moments with these three faces. I, for one, always remember my favorite question when I see them: What are they thinking? It’s a great thought to meditate on as I sip my tea and start my day, and I hope you feel the same.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


  1. Congratulations Andrea!! Megan, I always look forward to your blogs with info on what has been going on at the lab… Thank you for doing such a Greyt job.

    I’m really wanting that new mug – Irene showed me a picture of it when she was visiting us. I can see me sipping tea and reflecting on the Magnificent “Three”.


  2. What was wrong with Wart?

  3. Glad to hear Arthur is OK now. What was wrong?


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