Hi all!

We wanted to come to you today with a little announcement:

Usually around this time, we’d be doing another one of our bi-annual Sterner Match Challenges. As we mentioned in December, our last Sterner Match Challenge was sadly the last one. However, we do have another donor, who chooses to remain private, who offered to do a very generous $25,000 match in celebration of Griffin’s 25th Hatchday!

While we initially were going to wait until things went back to normal to start this challenge, as we know many people are hurting right now or are struggling financially, we have actually received a fair amount of inquiries and contributions from people over the past couple of months, so we figured we’d give the match challenge a shot!

Any donations that were made starting from April 10th will be included in the match, and the challenge will run until July 15th. This means that if we’re able to raise $25,000 by July 15th, our donor will match all of your donations!

We’re already more than 1/5 of the way there, so let’s see what we can do!

**Note: Typically, all purchases from our online store would count towards the match – however, at this time, we are unable to access our merchandise, so cannot ship anything to customers. If you would still like to make a purchase, the purchase will of course still count towards the match, and we will happily send you your item/s when we have access to our merchandise again – we just can’t guarantee when or how soon that will be.**

To see how you can make a donation to the foundation, click on the following link:

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