Since a birthday is such a uniquely human construction, we’re pretty sure Wart, who is 14 years old today, doesn’t know why we’re making a big fuss over him. But animals, like humans, do respond positively to affection and attention, so we always take the opportunity on our birds’ hatchdays to give them just that.

We’ve been making more of a fuss over Wart than we would like, lately. About two weeks ago, Wart was attacked by a bacterial infection, which necessitated a veterinary stay. Our lab manager, Suzanne Gray, cared for Wart round the clock after he was discharged. Our bird is now back to his normal self—except for his appetite, which has doubled—and we’re breathing a sigh of relief, getting back to work, and taking precautions to insure that the lab is as sterile as we can make it.

And now we’re celebrating Wart’s hatchday. He is 14 years old. Given that African greys can live to 60 or more, he is still something of a parrot teenager. We are lucky that both of our birds are healthy and living well.

We have two announcements to make:

Raffle for Wart’s Hatchday

In honor of Wart’s day and to celebrate the continuing health and happiness of all the members of the lab, we’re holding another raffle for an original piece of artwork, starting today! Wildlife artist Kristyn Janelle has donated this beautiful 9” x 12” colored pencil drawing of Alex, with his red neck feather:

The raffle begins today and will last for a month. Raffle tickets can be purchased here for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.

Gift Shop Sale

We’re bringing in some new stock to the Alex Foundation store very soon. Our storage space consists of several bookcases crowded with new bird toys, canisters of nuts, and cameras here and there for data collection, so as an organization we often find ourselves in need of space! So, in with the new: we’re having a sale on Alex Foundation clothing items, while supplies last! Many of these items are of limited supply, and some of them are going out of stock permanently, so head on over to the Gift Shop and order now while we’ve still got them. And look forward to a few new items coming into the store soon.

Happy hatchday to Wart, and happy Fall to all of you out there. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do this without you!

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