It is with great sadness that I report the passing of our beloved colleague, Arthur.a

Arthur Window

A while back, Arthur was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. There is no cure but he had been doing well with treatment. Then, several months ago, Arthur became ill and was taken to the vet where he was diagnosed with Avian Bornavirus (ABV). Sadly, not enough is understood about this virus. It is a presumed causative virus that results in the symptoms of Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) which is fatal. It is neurotropic, which means that it is a virus that can infect nerve cells, often causing gastrointestinal dysfunction as well as several other neurological symptoms.

WartWe do not know how or when Arthur could have contracted this virus as he could have had it for years without showing symptoms, or it is possible he was born with it. The stress to his system caused by the kidney problems could have been the reason that the virus became active—that is, his immune system was no longer strong enough to keep it in check. There is no cure for ABV or PDD. He received treatment and diligent care for several months wherein he returned to his happy, childlike self. But sadly, a week ago he became ill again, was hospitalized, and passed away a few days later.

We want to thank our dedicated team of veterinarians, technicians, students, and volunteers who worked relentlessly to give Arthur the best care and happiest life that he could have.

Griffin is doing well, enjoying the undivided attention he gets in being an only bird. He has been tested and came back negative for ABV and with a clean bill of health.

Arthur was only 14 years old. The sadness we are experiencing due to his loss cannot easily be put into words. The Lab will never be the same without his playful antics. We take comfort in knowing that Arthur had a truly wonderful life, surrounded every day by so many people that loved him.


  1. I was able to meet this amazing little one and he remains etched forever in my heart.

  2. Rest in peace, little one. Alex has been waiting for you.

  3. Fly free, Wart. You were far too young to have crossed over to the Bridge. Give our love to Alex. <3 <3 <3

  4. I heard this saddest news last week.. Thinking of Irene P. en all Warts friends….

  5. So sorry to hear of his passing. It pains me to hear about Arthur. I am so, so sorry. But the work he participated will go on.

  6. I’m so sorry Arthur has passed away. We will all miss him.

  7. I am so, so sorry to hear of Wart’s passing. Fly free with Alex, Wart.
    You will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

  8. RIP Arthur… I was very fortunate to meet you in person a few years ago. In that short time we where together you made your way into my heart… I will LOVE you forever & ever. Love & condolences to Irene, Arlene Levin-Rowe, Suzanne & all the greyt students at the Pepperberg Lab.

  9. I am really saddened to hear this. It is much too soon for him to have passed and just awful. He will rejoin his friend Alex. Be free little greys, be free.

  10. I’m sorry to hear this and even more sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to feel what you and those who know Arthur are going through but know that there are many around the world thinking and praying for you and the work you do. Alex and now Arthur will always be missed and the work you do with the Greys will continue to bring the Avian world greater understand of these beautiful creatures and hopefully closer to finding a cure to this dreadful disease.

  11. I am so sorry to read this sad news. You were way too young to leave this earth. My sincere condolences to Irene and those at the Pepperberg Lab. My heart goes out to you all. RIP Wart.

  12. I am so sorry to hear of Arthur’s passing. RIP King Arthur. My sympathy and condolences to Irene and all the people who have been closely associated with a very special being.

  13. Wart was like my fourth child, as he lived with Merlin, Sweetpea, and me for six months in 2001 while Dr. P changed labs. Have missed him ever since then,and even more now. He’s now free to fly and play in heaven and no longer in pain. Wishing love and light to a very special little fellow! You’ll be in my heart always.
    Maggie, Merle & Pea

    • I am so terribly sorry to hear of his passing. I thought it had been longer since you had Wart. So sad to hear. Blessings to all who knew and loved him. Take care Griffin. All the best to Irene Pepperberg and caretakers, and Arlene.

  14. so sorry to hear of Wart’s passing , condolences to Dr Pepperberg, Arlene Levin-Rowe and all the people who worked at the Lab. RIP little one

  15. Was saddened to hear of another Alex foundation bird. He was a character and I know he will be missed by all. Fly free with Alex “wart” you are so missed already 🙁

  16. I’m so very sorry to hear about Wart. I can’t believe he’s gone. My condolences to Irene and Arlene and everyone at the lab.

  17. Goodbye sweet Arthur…you will be so missed by so many. Find Alex & be happy…RIP.

    My thoughts are with those who love you…

  18. It is so sad to hear of Arthur’s passing. Fly free over the Rainbow Bridge. You will be forever in our Hearts.

  19. My condolences to Dr. Pepperberg, Arlene, Suzanne, and all of the students who had the privilege of knowing and working with Arthur ‘Wart’. I had the opportunity to meet him briefly a little over three years ago. He observed me as I sat next to him, and then looked at me the only way a grey can as if to say ‘who are you, and what do YOU want’. Fly free little one, and give my love to Alex.

  20. I am really sorry to hear this awfull news.

    Please fly free little one restored to perfect health. Bask in the healing light of our Creator. Fly free Wart and join your brother AlEX at the bridge He has been waiting for your return! HE HAS MUCH TO TELL AND TEACH YOU


  21. So sad to hear this. I’m so sorry for your loss. Fly free sweet birdie.

  22. I’m so very sorry Arthur is gone way too soon. My condolences to Dr P and everyone who knew and loved him.

  23. So sad to hear we lost another family member at the lab.We will miss you Wart. So glad the you friend Griffin is ok, fly high little grey at the rainbow bridge with your buddy Alex. Sorry Dr. P your in my prayers.

    Cindy L

  24. OMG I just got the news. My dear sweet Wart. I will miss you sweet boy. I have some wonderful pictures and video I took of you the last time I was there. It was an honor to be your groomer for the short time I had with you. I love you sweet boy.. Fly Free

  25. My condolences to Dr. Pepperberg and the lab staff on Arthur’s passing. We will all miss him and I am sorry to hear about his health struggles, but he is at peace now.

  26. RIP little buddy

  27. I met him back when he was Maggie Wright’s pet. He was a delightful guy. So sorry to hear this news. RIP Wart!

  28. Sorry to hear that Wart has passed from such an awful disease. I look forward to the day we understand the disease much better than we do now.

  29. Wings high Wart. Fly free



  31. I am so very sorry to hear of his death. I can imagine what you all are going through. So very young and so very loved.

  32. So sad to hear of Arthur’s passing. I know Alex is waiting for him. Fly free Arthur, you have been a blessing to us all.

  33. How sad. I am so sorry for all of you I know he will be greatly missed as he joins alex in birdy paradise my baby is about l5 now and I would be devastated if something happened to her.

  34. Just found out the sad news about Arthur…..My heart goes out to Dr Pepperberg, Arlene Levin-Rowe, and all the staff at the lab. He will be missed. Fly Free little guy, fly free with Alex <3

  35. Such sadness. My condolance to Dr. P and all who were affected. Fly free now Wart. No pain. Alex is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. You were a good boy bird. Bless you.

  36. I am deeply saddened by this news. Fy free little angel. You will be missed.

  37. I send my sincere condolences to Dr. Pepperberg, Arlene and all the wonderful staff associates at the lab. I know all of your hearts are heavy with grief over the loss of Arthur “Wart”.
    Our only comfort at this time is to know that he is flying free with his pal, Alex!
    God bless you all,
    Kathy Waddell

  38. I am so very sorry to hear this devastating news. My sincerest condolences to Dr. Pepperberg, Arlene, Suzanne and all the Lab people who worked with Arthur. My prayers are with you in this time of loss. Fly free little Wart with your brother Alex, and bask in our Creator’s glory.

  39. I am so sorry to hear this news. My condolences go out to Dr. Pepperberg, Arlene and all those who worked with Arthur.


  40. Deepest condolences.

  41. Such sad news to hear about dear Wart. I am so sorry for all of you as I know your hearts are very, very hurt. It saddens me, too, because I have been following you all for a long time now and I feel like I know these sweet birdies so well. He was too young! My heart goes out to all of you, Dr. P. and all the staff who knew and loved him so well.

  42. My heart is heavy for your loss. Thank you for all the work you do with these beautiful birds.

  43. So, so sorry to hear about Arthur. My thoughts are with everyone at the Pepperberg lab.
    Kate x

  44. I have been fortunate to sit in on a presentation of Dr. Pepperburg’s and she in one extraordinary lady. I am so sorry for the loss of Arthur and heartbroken for the doc. Arthur, fly free and breathe easy. xxx

  45. I am so sorry for your loss. It broke my heart to hear of his passing. After reading Alex and Me I became the mommy to 2 Grey’s. I feel your pain at losing Arthur. Take comfort in knowing he is with Alex and they are watching over you. d

  46. I am so so so sad to hear of this news. I know he was dearly loved by all of you at the lab and the work he participated in is vital to the study of animal cognition. Arthur’s vibrant 14 years will continue to live on in the literature of Grey Parrot intelligence and I imagine Griffin will forge ahead with all of you, making leaps and bounds with his angel colleagues looking on. I am ever grateful to Arthur, to Alex, to Griffin, and to you in the lab for your tireless contributions and hard work in the field of animal intelligence and cognition, specifically with Grey Parrots. I am so sorry for the loss of Arthur and my thoughts are with Dr. Pepperberg, Griffin, and everyone at her lab. xoxo, carol

  47. I am so sorry to hear about Arthur. He and his work will truly be missed by the whole bird community. My condolences to his colleagues.

  48. My Thoughts and Prayers go to Dr Pepperberg, Arlene and everyone who Arthur has touched in his years on this earth. Alex is waiting for him so he can “say better”.

  49. …I am absolutely devastated to learn of Arthur’s untimely passing! My condolences to Dr P & Arthur’s research staff! My own Grey is named King Arthur Alex, so as to honor the great one’s memory! The world is a little less beautiful today, Rest In Heavenly Peace Wart, fly free through the heavens with Alex! We will sorely miss you, and we shall never forget you, be well Griff, you must continue the march…Love from Chuck Dallas & King Arthur Alex

  50. What unbelievable news! I am so terribly saddened by this! My thoughts and prayers go out to all at the Alex Foundation. God Bless you all!

  51. Rest in peace, sweet Wart. My Albert and PeeWee will greet you at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with open wings.

  52. All love to Irene and Griffin

  53. Sometimes it’s hard not to wish for one more day, one more cute behavior or one more word, but be assured that Arthur had a good life and will join Alex with a light heart and fond memories.

  54. This is such sad and frightening news! I have a Timneh and a Congo and I can’t imagine the pain~Prayers for all who loved Arthur!

  55. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Alex is waiting for you at rainbow bridge, play well together. Big wing hugs

  56. Those of us at TGF express our deep condolences to Dr. Pepperberg, her colleagues and staff, to the Alex Foundation and to all those who have gotten to know and share the wonderful work that began with Alex and continues to this day. Alex and Arthur may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.

  57. I am so sorry on the crossing of Arthur. My heart breaks for Arlene, Dr. Pepperberg, everyone at the lab and most especially for Griffin.

  58. Aw, so sad. 🙁 RIP sweet bird

  59. We were so sorry to learn of Arthur’s passing.

  60. Fly free Arthur … we are very sadden at your loss. Condolences to Irene & Griffin. Alex and Arthur will be in our hearts forever.
    Jane and Chyna (Yellow Collared Macaw)

  61. I am so sad that Arthur has passed away. I give you my deepest sympathy for his passing. I will keep all of you, Griffin, Arthur and Wart in my daily prayers.

    Love, prayers and big hugs.

    Barb, Baby and Beenie :)))

  62. I am devastated by this news! I still mourn the loss of Alex. Now Wart! Too, too soon! My most profound sympathies and deepest condolences to everyone at The Alex Foundation. God bless you, Arthur, sweet feathered angel ♥

    Dr Pepperberg, you have my deepest respect. Please persevere!

  63. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to all who worked with Arthur.

  64. Fly Free Wart

    So sorry For this tremendous loss . My thoughts and prayers are with everyone his passing will probably affect; at the Lab as well as the whole Avian Community.

  65. I hope this tragedy will spark research into defeating Bornavirus.

  66. I will always love you, Wart! I know that you are at peace now with your brother Alex. We will all be with you again someday, and I know that you will look after Griffin and Irene.

  67. Just wanted to add that my deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Pepperberg Lab and everyone that has helped Wart over the years. I am still in complete shock and disbelief. I will pray for Wart and Alex always! RIP

  68. So sorry to hear of this loss…it tears a piece of your heart out when they go..they are such a big part of our lives and give us so much!!

  69. So sad! Thank you so much for your very important research on helping us understand the wonders of parrots.

  70. Very, very sorry to hear this horrible news. Poor little Wartlet. Sending love and best wishes to all of you.

  71. So sorry to read about sweet little Arthur. My condolences to all who worked with him. As hard as it is to lose these beautiful creatures, we may be able to learn a little more about the diseases and how to prevent them in the future.

  72. We send our condolences to all at the Pepperberg lab. Arthur, we never met you, but read much about you. You and Alex have so much to catch up on! Thank you for teaching us humans so much about your many dimensions. God bless you little guy.

  73. My condolences to Dr. Pepperberg and to her students at the lab. Your research with colleagues, Alex and Aurthur, will open new opportunities. Their journey with you has made me realize that we as bird owners are not teaching them; they are in essence teaching us. Your research with them will never be forgotten and it is extremely important for it to continue.

  74. I have just finished reading Alex and Me. I was saddened by his sudden death. My cousin had an African Grey also and Smokey used to talk incessantly. Unfortunately at the young age of 10, they found him in the bottom of his cage. We never knew what the cause of his was from.

    The book about Alex reminded me so much of Smokey and the similarities in their actions.

    I just learned about the passing of Arthur and was so saddened. I hope that you are still working with Griffin as the things that these birds can do is amazing. Even though most animals can’t talk, I do believe that they do understand what we say to them.

    Dr. Pepperberg, please accept my condolences at the passing of these magnificent birds and please keep working with them as I know that they can provide knowledge that will enable us to speak with them and they will understand the language.

  75. I just now learned of Arthurs passing and I am very saddened by the news. My beloved cockatiel passed from PDD (after several weeks and several thousands of dollars in vet bills). It is a terrible disease and I can only hope that someday they have an effective treatment for it. Please keep up all the hard work. You’re work with Alex was such an inspiration to me as a young girl.

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