We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Pepperberg Lab! Meet April, a female, baby Congo African Grey, hatched April 1st, 2013.


She was raised and generously donated by Feathered Follies in Concord, California: http://www.featheredparrotdise.com/. She will be arriving at the lab in mid-August.

We are all excited to have a new bird come to the lab and to see how much she will grow! Dr. Pepperberg is particularly excited to have the opportunity to work with a female Grey, where she has only worked with males in the past.

The April-loves-the-orbtiming of April coming into our lives seems serendipitous. Having just moved into a new lab space that is bigger and more accommodating, makes getting a second bird ideal and April is a great age for beginning the Avian Learning Experiment.

So, in honor of this beautiful baby girl, and to help us recover from the many expenses of moving the lab, we are holding a Baby Shower for April and House Warming for the new space! If you would like to contribute, please head over to our Gift Shop. You will see now that the first pages are items that we need for April and the lab that you can donate toward. We are asking for monetary donations toward specific items rather than physical items due to health restrictions.

When you donate, we will send you a picture of April and Griffin with the item you contributed toward and a personal thank you note from Dr. Pepperberg, but please note that April will not be arriving until mid August, so pictures will be taken and sent near the end of August.


We welcome donations by check as well if you prefer to contribute that way! Please make checks payable to The Alex Foundation and write in the memo which item you would like the money to go to.

Please send checks to:

Pepperberg Lab
Department of Psychology, William James HallApril-playing
33 Kirkland Street
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

We regret having to again ask for your generosity so soon after our last fundraiser (that thanks to all of you was a great success!) As I’m sure you can imagine, we have been hit with many unexpected expenses. We cannot say enough how grateful we are for everyone’s support.

We are looking forward to the changes that are continuing to unfold and cannot wait to share more exciting developments with you!

  1. Let the little Diva shine!

  2. She is just beautiful……..
    I’m so happy for you all. The work that you do is invaluable.

  3. She’s adorable! Griffin will be happy to have a new companion-I hope!

  4. Congratulations on the pending arrival of April! Can’t wait to see what happens when she and Griffin meet for the first time. Best of luck with her, I’m sure she will be a wonderful addition to the research program.

  5. I understand the importance of your work but please don’t ever forget that you are working with one of the most sensitive of all parrots–Congo African Greys. After reading Alex and Me, I was left with the sad feeling that Alex KNEW he was a lab bird and was missing the feeling of belonging to a flock. His favorite flock member, Dr. Pepperberg, left him in a lab every night and went home without him. I think his awareness that he was an experiment led to his sad & early demise. With a CAG’s great intelligence comes complicated feelings of wanting to belong and feel loved. As a CAG parent myself, I have seen the depth of their ability to feel emotions. Why can’t a lab parrot go home with their favorite human at night ?

    • Christy, thank you for your comment and concern. I understand your worry that our Greys might feel alone at night, but I can assure you that is not the case. Their bedtime is not all that different from a young child’s, with a bedtime snack and cuddles. When the lights go out, they happily go into their cages as we say ‘You be good, I love you, see you tomorrow!’ It is because of their great intelligence and depth of emotion that they know its time to go to sleep and we will be back for more fun in the morning. Transporting them back and forth to our homes would add unnecessary stress, particularly to a parrot like Griffin who can become car sick, and takes them away from the place they see as their home. We all love our parrots, the Lab is a family with the birds at the heart and center. Everything we do is for their well-being and happiness.
      I hope this puts your mind at ease. Thank you very much for your support.

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