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Reddit AMA – Friday March 20th – 5pm EST

Reddit AMA Dr. Irene Pepperberg   I am Dr. Irene Pepperberg, a researcher at Harvard University in the field of animal cognition, specifically of African Grey parrots. My work began with Alex, a colleague of mine for 30 years, who was shown to have the emotional age [...]Read more

April and Athena

April We wish to start by thanking all of you for your patience in waiting to hear more news about the latest addition to our lab family. Progress has not been as straightforward as we expected. Unfortunately, we received some difficult news regarding the health of baby […]

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April Showers

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Pepperberg Lab! Meet April, a female, baby Congo African Grey, hatched April 1st, 2013. She was raised and generously donated by Feathered Follies in Concord, California: She will be arriving at the lab in mid-August. We […]

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Lab Moves to Harvard University!

     As we previously announced, the Pepperberg Lab, which has been renting space at Brandeis University for many years, must now find a new home. After exploring a few options, we are thrilled to announce that we have accepted space at Harvard University. We are very fortunate […]

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Not Goodbye-Just So Long for Now

The shift from spring to summer is an important seasonal milestone. While spring symbolizes growth and new beginnings, summer brings endless possibilities and harmony. Much like the seasons the Pepperberg lab experienced substantial change last month and expects to see many more transformations in the coming months. […]

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Sterner Matching Challenge

Once again Andy Sterner will match all individual gifts to The Alex Foundation which it receives between now and July 4, 2013 up to a total of $10,000! But there is a catch! The matching is contingent on The Alex Foundation receiving the entire $10,000 in that […]

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In Memory of Wart

Dear Alex Foundation community, Since my last blog update, a great sadness befell us: our beloved Arthur “Wart” passed away. I’d like to thank all of those who reached out to us when we first announced his passing. It is comforting to know the community runs so […]

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It is with great sadness that I report the passing of our beloved colleague, Arthur.a A while back, Arthur was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. There is no cure but he had been doing well with treatment. Then, several months ago, Arthur became ill and was taken to […]

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Research at the Pepperberg Lab

Another few weeks pass, and the high energy continues to pour out of everyone’s heart here at the Pepperberg lab. This energy can be seen especially through the different research projects we’re currently working on. Countless publications ranging from “Alex and Me” to several interviews to published […]

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“Tabula Rasa” at the Pepperberg Lab

Tabula Rasa: something new, fresh, unmarked, or uninfluenced. -The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy While the start of this year was by no means something completely fresh and unmarked, it did bring about fresh beginnings, positive energy, and endless possibilities. Since the last blog update, the Pepperberg lab faced a […]

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